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I don't often do this but I figure it's for a good cause, so what the hell!

I'm participating in the 'Race For Life' on Sunday as I've mentioned a couple of times on here. I've been raising money in various ways through work and the darling family and whatnot but I may have done myself a great disservice because being the internet freak that I am? I forgot ALL about LJ, Facebook and Twitter...

Y'all know me. Y'all know that exercise and I don't mix. I'm not telling you this so you'll take pity and hit the donate button (no, really!) -- the cause itself is enough to warrant anything you can spare, be it cheering me on silently from whichever part of the world you inhabit or a donation, as big or as little as you can afford.

My official fundraising page is here: // Christie Baird (Me!).

There is an option to pay via PayPal too if y'all should wish!

Any donations would be particularly awesome but... Please leave a message to let me know who y'are!

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