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I hope you all have fantastic, wonderful, AMAZING holidays! And that Santa brings you lots and lots of presents! =)

*cudddddddddles* EEEEEEEEEE. *loooooooooves Christmas*
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I'm HOME! Well, I'm back on the internet.

Though I've been in London at the weekend so, y'know, technically I'm home too.

SPY COMPUTER IS PRETTY AGAIN. NO CRACKED SCREEN. C IS ABOUT TO WRAP IT IN COTTON WOOL, YES. :-D I have LOTS AND LOTS to catch up with f-list. I'm attempting that as soon as I head upstairs and put my feet up because lots of walking in London has meant SWOLLEN ANKLES and ow, lmao.


A Rec...

Aug. 27th, 2008 11:45 pm
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Because [ profile] _fullofgrace is fantastic and amazing and awesome and she made a Buffy/Sam video. *bounces*

Watch Here

Truly, truly awesomesauce. Which shall forever be my new word of the week! With my new Vid of the Week. *pats it*
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No power today, f-list. Not a LICK of it because some bozo had power-sawed right through an electric cable down the street.

We had to go to our local Asda for a cup of tea. How archaic. ;) I am in good spirits! I spent three hours on the phone with Caroline the other night, had a drink at the sister's house last night... I'm in a good place! Spiritually, emotionally--

Yeah, ok. Enough of the waxing lyrical. I'm also in a good mood 'cause I has a Supernatural S3 now! :D So my Great Buffy Marathon has been stalled in favour of never-seen-before episodes of Supernatural and OH HOW I LOVE IT. =)

There's a helicopter buzzing around outside my house. LOUD.

Anyway. My Buffy Marathon. And oh how I love Season 1. It was new and starting out and just finding its feet but oh, there was good times to be had! I find myself loving Buffy again. And Willow. But Giles, by far, is my favourite at the minute. *sigh* Happy Place!

Just finished watching Bad Day at Black Rock. LMFAO. "I'm Batman!" *dies laughing* I saw that first thanks to the lovely [ profile] virtualpersonal and it gets even better the second fifth time around. *G*

So onwards and onwards I go with the Supernatural Watching! Although am at work tomorrow for another 12 hour shitty shift. Ah, well. The Wanting To Be Home to Watch SPN makes the day go quicker. Not that I'm wishing my life away, LOL. Noooooooo.

*love and squishes to you all* :)
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One Cordelia/Angel, one Buffy (can be considered Buffy/Rileyish) and one Buffy/Sam (Crossover with Supernatural).

:: TEASER ::

All here at my Media Journal [ profile] beforethecalm.
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19 BTVS/ATS icons
5 Supernatural icons
7 X-Over Icons (Sam/Buffy)
1 Wallpaper (Sam/Buffy)

:: ::

all here @ my media journal [community profile] beforethecalm

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- 2 Wallpapers (one Dean/Buffy...yes, really! and one Cordelia ala BTVS S1)
- Handful (26) ATS/BTVS Icons

All for your viewing/snagging pleasure. :)

:: TEASER ::


All here @ my Medial Journal [community profile] beforethecalm


Apr. 3rd, 2008 07:48 pm
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Because there needs to be more Cordelia/Angel love in the world (and more icons to show it!)

[ profile] ca_lims // [ profile] ca_lims // [ profile] ca_lims // [ profile] ca_lims // [ profile] ca_lims // [ profile] ca_lims // [ profile] ca_lims // [ profile] ca_lims

Please join up/participate! :)
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Three new wallpapers here @ my Media journal [ profile] beforethecalm.

One Cordelia/Dean wallpaper, two Cordelia/Angel wallpapers. :)
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Fingers crossed but I may have fixed my internet connection.

I am yet to work out how but I'm happy. *blinks*
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Yet another quick update.

All of my files, yes all of them, have been deleted from my domain. Thankfully, they haven't closed down my account fully (that would MORE than suck!) but it means that a lot of things have disappeared like layouts for people, etc. :/

Because of this - (and if I can still remember what I'm doing, LMAO) - I will make anyone who had a layout hosted by me something shiny and new when I come back. Well, if Photoshop is still playing nice then too. *G*

Moving is going well. Official moving date is this Saturday and I did not realise how much crap I have. We moved about 13 boxes yesterday (while I was on my dinner at work, might I add) and about 5 bags -- I have more books than clothes, how sad am I? -- and that was just upstairs. *headdesk*

So, yus.

Work is shite, as always. And I want to go see P.S I Love You - have read the book and the added factor of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Gerard Butler and James Marsters is driving me to it. *le sigh* ;)

How eez my friendlist? Are you all well? :) I still have Christmas icons (and incidentally my Christmas Tree up) which shows you how organized I am. *G*

*hugs you all*
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To anyone I'm hosting images for, my website is down and won't be up again until the end of the month and I can pay Dreamhost (lovely site people) the money they need to reactivate my account. *scowl*

'Tis also the end of an era in that my website has been bought by someone who is NOT me. :( It was up for renewal in December (I forgot!) and someone snapped it up a month later so... Layout-whore is no more!

I'm debating on whether to buy another one when I have a little money - at the minute, I'm considering just sticking with beyond-help and transferring things over (money's tight, damnit!) but I just thought you should all know.

The move is, well, at a stand still at the minute in that I've done nothing in my house! I very much need to pull my finger out, oh yes! Grandma had her operation the other day and though she's still in Critical Care, she's doing grand! :)

Am off to attempt reading the flist now but if I don't see you guys in the next couple of weeks I will DEFINITELY be back in February. :D

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Happy 2008 Flist. Wow, it really is a long time no update - I can say that now without thinking 'does three days count as a lack of updatage?' ;)

Alas, this shall be a quick one. I have no time today to do anything (I think that's just the story of my life, really) but that has more to do with things being sorted out and stuff.

So, for the good news. I am moving in with Grandma! She's getting much, much better - not out of hospital yet though she's given them the ultimatum of 'I better be out by Jan 30th' hee! - but I'm moving in, more so I can stay with her overnight and stuff but even more because I just can't afford my house any more.

Now, I thought I would be gutted but I'm not. It's actually kind of a relief and I'm more worried about the fact that I'm not more upset but...yes. Moving in with Grandma. Should be in before my birthday and in the proceeds of getting internet switched on up there. Hopefully, this means I should be back before long.

With more money, less stress...and my lovely Grandma home. So, this would be my last update from my lovely house. I have a lot of happy, good memories from this place (a few not so happy, but the good have always outweighed the bad) and even though I'm sad to be leaving it behind, I can't help but feel that this is a good thing. A really good thing.

I miss you all so much, flist. It's been like losing an arm not catching up with you guys, I swear to God. :p Hopefully you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and I will be back soon, I promise.

Love, hugs and New Year Kisses
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Icons pre-sleep... Always a good plan, especially when you're doing three 12 hour shifts in the next few days. WHEE.

:: Teaser ::

All over here at my Icon Journal, [ profile] beforethecalm.

*dies and iz ded now* Will be back tomorrow night, dear flist. Where I shall reply to comments, sneeze a lot, and perhaps get online and talk to people without falling asleep on them.
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3 Cordelia/Angel Wallpapers, 1 Cordelia/Angel Wallscroll, 1 Lorne Wallpaper and 1 Supernatural Wallpaper.


all over here @ my media journal, [ profile] beforethecalm. :)
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Copied from [ profile] damnskippytoo because she puts things so much more elegantly than I ever can.

A friend of [ profile] mistress_mab needs your help.

Read this in Katy's journal and see if you can help.

It's a simple thing to do. You don't have to give money or move from your chair. Just click and download - once a day or only once - anything will help. You would be downloading the following letter which is virus free. The letter from Katy's friend, Erin, explains the situation far better than I can, so if you have a few minutes to spare to read and click, you couldn't spend them in any better way.

You can click on the link provided by Katy below to reach the file to download. Thank you all for reading and helping.

Erin's Story & Qualifying Countries )
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Guys, if you love me and have £1 spare on your phone (Aunty Val didn't tell me how much it would be! GAH! So I've just assumed it's a £1 because that's how much most of them are!), could you please text the following:


To: 60060

I know it's a lot for one text message but my cousin is a fantabulous singer and it would make his dream come true to go to London and record a song. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. :D If you text, I'll make you anything you want! *indulges in sheer bribery!*

If you can't spare the money, keep everything crossed for him! He's the loveliest, loveliest kid and deserves to win this. :)


May. 22nd, 2007 10:42 pm
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[Error: unknown template video]
Oh God, this may have made me die a little.

*loves him* HOW CUTE IS HE?!
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T E A S E R :

All here @ my shared journal, [ profile] clone_art.
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Title: The Wrong End of the... Stake
Author: Christie
Summary: Cordelia ends up on the wrong end of Dean Winchester's stake. Literally.
Spoilers: Everything up to Shadow in Supernatural. Up to before the gang get sucked into Pylea in Angel.
Pairings: Cordelia/Dean. Cordelia/Sam friendship.
Content: Mild vision-related angst.
Disclaimer: Absotively posolutely not mine. I'm just writing them because my muse feels like playing.
Authors Notes: Posted to [ profile] cordy_dean. If you haven't joined you should have. If you haven't pimped, you really should have. :p
Authors Notes2: My very first attempt at writing Dean. For which I possibly probably suck. Please don't mock too hard.
Authors Notes3: Written at my sisters. Back in the Dark Ages on PAPER. Which I still say stifles my muse a little because I can't hear the clicking of the keyboard, LOL. So any typo errors are just that. Errors. Oh, and it's not beta-ed. Sorry.


Being bait is not exactly the easiest task in the world, but Cordelia recognises the need for it when she sees it. )

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