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My Sophie - my beautiful 13-year-old niece sang Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' in her School Talent Competition tonight and she was awesome. There I was, back in my old school, cheering the niece on...

The same niece who, I reminded one of my teachers (Ms. Page) tonight, that I HOUNDED her in my Business Studies class to phone my Mum every five minutes to see if Le Soph was indeed born. And here she was tonight. SINGING.

Sophie - Singing

And Christie. In the background. Squeeing. And wooting and making everybody laugh while Sophie blushed terribly and made my heart squeeze with pure joy.

My girls, man! I <3 my girls. They make me so proud! And I am full of aunty-type-squishy-love for them because--AWWWWWWW.

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