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Title: The Wrong End of the... Stake
Author: Christie
Summary: Cordelia ends up on the wrong end of Dean Winchester's stake. Literally.
Spoilers: Everything up to Shadow in Supernatural. Up to before the gang get sucked into Pylea in Angel.
Pairings: Cordelia/Dean. Cordelia/Sam friendship.
Content: Mild vision-related angst.
Disclaimer: Absotively posolutely not mine. I'm just writing them because my muse feels like playing.
Authors Notes: Posted to [ profile] cordy_dean. If you haven't joined you should have. If you haven't pimped, you really should have. :p
Authors Notes2: My very first attempt at writing Dean. For which I possibly probably suck. Please don't mock too hard.
Authors Notes3: Written at my sisters. Back in the Dark Ages on PAPER. Which I still say stifles my muse a little because I can't hear the clicking of the keyboard, LOL. So any typo errors are just that. Errors. Oh, and it's not beta-ed. Sorry.


Being bait is not exactly the easiest task in the world, but Cordelia recognises the need for it when she sees it. )

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