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67 Multifandom icons including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Supernatural, The Mentalist, Lie to Me, FlashForward and Criminal Minds. :)

All over here @ my joint-media journal [ profile] beforethecalm.
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I have a shiny new fandom to play in!

I blame an offline friend for this, considering she was the first one who showed me how good Criminal Minds was.  :D  And, indeed, the hotness of Morgan (aka, Shemar Moore *points to icon*).  Now, I'm in love with Morgan/ new OTP de choice, for every fandom must have one daaaahling.  ;)

I have three posts over at [ profile] beforethecalm - taken up by things that've been lying on my HD for weeks and weeks and weeks.  :p
All available for snaggage, download, etc.  And apologies to anyone who sees posts like this 3000 times today.  I am whorey, yes.
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- 2 Wallpapers (one Dean/Buffy...yes, really! and one Cordelia ala BTVS S1)
- Handful (26) ATS/BTVS Icons

All for your viewing/snagging pleasure. :)

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All here @ my Medial Journal [community profile] beforethecalm
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Icons pre-sleep... Always a good plan, especially when you're doing three 12 hour shifts in the next few days. WHEE.

:: Teaser ::

All over here at my Icon Journal, [ profile] beforethecalm.

*dies and iz ded now* Will be back tomorrow night, dear flist. Where I shall reply to comments, sneeze a lot, and perhaps get online and talk to people without falling asleep on them.
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T E A S E R :

All here @ my shared journal, [ profile] clone_art.

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