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Yet another quick update.

All of my files, yes all of them, have been deleted from my domain. Thankfully, they haven't closed down my account fully (that would MORE than suck!) but it means that a lot of things have disappeared like layouts for people, etc. :/

Because of this - (and if I can still remember what I'm doing, LMAO) - I will make anyone who had a layout hosted by me something shiny and new when I come back. Well, if Photoshop is still playing nice then too. *G*

Moving is going well. Official moving date is this Saturday and I did not realise how much crap I have. We moved about 13 boxes yesterday (while I was on my dinner at work, might I add) and about 5 bags -- I have more books than clothes, how sad am I? -- and that was just upstairs. *headdesk*

So, yus.

Work is shite, as always. And I want to go see P.S I Love You - have read the book and the added factor of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Gerard Butler and James Marsters is driving me to it. *le sigh* ;)

How eez my friendlist? Are you all well? :) I still have Christmas icons (and incidentally my Christmas Tree up) which shows you how organized I am. *G*

*hugs you all*

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