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Title: Walk on Gilded Splinters 1/4
Author: Christie
Summary: Cordelia wakes up before YW in S5. She leaves Wolfram and Hart and Angel behind to fight the good fight and is joined by Wesley and Spike. Halloween comes round and they’re invited to a bash at W&H…
Spoilers: Everything up to S5. If I get something wrong, forgive me, I haven’t seen much of S4/S5.
Disclaimer: Truly, truly not mine. They all belong to Joss Whedon (unfortunately).
Authors Notes: Extra-special thanks to the lovely, fantastic, ever-so-sweet Debs for the tireless and fabulous beta. :) And to the lovely Gabs who requested a Halloween Party at Wolfram and Hart, Cordelia/Spike working together, Angel not being happy about it and Smut-on-a-desk. ;)
Authors Notes 2: I’m shifting lots of S5 around in this so… Just ignore Joss’ timeline. ;)

Walk On Gilded Splinters

Walk on Gilded Splinters - Part One )

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